Identify your blind spots with a 360-degree view of centralized data across your supply base

As the business world grows more complex, and roles evolve to meet changing needs, connecting with and onboarding suppliers that meet our unique needs has become a more demanding process. Utilizing a centralized system that provides a 360-degree view of your supply base promises greater control, affording you a better spend anagement and risk mitigation, as well as ensuring regulatory compliance and process-driven workflows that help maximize your success.

The Problem

Swamped with procurement data but starved of information? Contract database non-existent? Relying on "finance" rather than "procurement" classification?

You know you have risk in your supply chain but have no idea how to identify it? Worried about current & future legislative requirements?

You'd like to spend more with Indigenous & Social Enterprises & measure the impact?

Constantly asked to make savings but can't find new initiatives? Can't implement identified savings quickly?

You've contracted with your suppliers but you're not managing the contract life cycle?

You've claimed savings but can't measure supplier & rates compliance? No way of managing "buyers" to ensure correct deals are used & savings actually realized?

The Know Your Supplier 360 Solution

Supporting your entire organization, from board-level through to C-suite executives, and encompassing both finance and procurement teams, our Know Your Supplier 360 is about bringing the pieces of the puzzle together. Enjoy greater visibility across all your suppliers, with spend, compliance, risk, and contract management data all in one place.

Benefits of Know Your Supplier 360 connected analytics platform.

Our industry-leading intelligence technology and integrating actionable insights digitally transforms your entire supplier network, to not only manage spend, but also ensure that you are minimizing risk and reducing harm.


Automate data visualization for repeatable daily, weekly, and monthly information


Integrate with ERP, PO, tendering systems and third-party data feeds


Visualize data in the cloud, available to many, anywhere, anytime, any country

KYS Solutions

Protect your brand

Guard against reputational damage and partner with suppliers who uphold your standards, identify ethical and legal implications with greater supplier visiblity and transparency.

Ensure best practices by instantly flagging modern slavery or cyber security risk and pay your suppliers on time.

Drive positive change

With accurate supplier information at your fingertips to create a better future by tracking your progress towards Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. Comply with legislative and regulatory requirements and lead your sustainability and diversity initiatives with suppliers who share your vision.

Optimising Spend

Simplify, clean and analyse your spend data to efficiently manage your operational costs and enhance cash flow. Track supplier performance and increase efficiency with supplier spend insights. Improve liquidity and working capital management and drive savings directly to your bottom line.

Single Source of Truth

Collate key supplier documentation to ensure standards are maintained. Track and measure contractual obligations with ease thanks to digitised agreements. Aggregate and integrate siloed data systems and connect to third parties to create a single view of your suppliers. Receive notifications ahead of important dates and process contracts faster.

Want to see how it works?