Helping companies do good in the world by making informed supplier decisions 

By selecting suppliers based on their values and principles, rather than just price, you're securing a more sustainable future for your business and laying the foundation for a more sustainable and social future for everyone. Working with, and sourcing products from, responsible and diverse suppliers, mean you can improve your inbound supply chain carbon footprint, combat social injustice, comply with government regulations, and increase your profit too. 

Know Your Supplier Compliance

Foster a better understanding of your inter-departmental spend, enabling increased cooperation and communication between sustainability and finance teams, as well as company leadership. Safeguard your reputation by securing responsible suppliers with strong ESG credentials. Help to redirect your company's spend with suppliers that are aligned to your company's values and goals.

The powerful benefits of establishing supplier compliance to support your organization's needs and meet future legislative requirements.

Avoid supply chain 'blind spots'

Select, on-board and monitor your suppliers to ensure their ongoing commitment to your company's values

Validate supplier compliance documentation, examples include insurance and accreditation and policies

Minimize your suppliers' impact by purchasing from a sustainable supplier, or with more diverse businesses (women-owned, disability-owned, black-owned) and make your business strategy - and company - more inclusive

Eradicate mismanagement with a centralized hub for all supplier certificates of insurance and contracts

Reduce the burden on you and your team and empower your suppliers with access to self-service automation to update and complete their compliance related information


Data Extractor

Robobai is committed to a quick and frictionless implementation for our customers and so has released its Extractor capability - slashing the time and effort required to get up and running fast.

Spend Diagnostic Campaign

How adopting of an ethical supplier and sourcing strategy is not only a feel-good opportunity, but also protects brand image and supports business bottom line growth. 

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Your supplier view from every possible angle across risk, compliance & spend

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