We're committed to protecting your brand's reputation, and helping you to minimize supplier risk

Knowing your suppliers allows you to access a more transparent supply chain, and to swiftly identify any potential supplier risks and legal implications as a result. It protects your organization from disruption and reputational brand damage and allows your team to keep on top of risk in an ever-changing world.

Know Your Supplier Risk

Managing supplier risk is critical, and an issue that affects everyone from board-level through to C-suite executives, finance, and procurement teams. It's imperative that businesses understand their risk profile and address any potential problems fast. Make informed buying decisions by uncovering modern slavery risks, to protecting yourself from cyber threats. The list of potential hazards is lengthy.

The benefits of detecting risk within your supply chain to protect your organization from disruption.

Ensure supplier quality and buy from approved, credible suppliers

Avoid profit losses and protect your brand's image by detecting risks early

Avoid supply chain 'blind spots'

Eradicate your supply chain of sanctions and mitigate business risk

Safeguard your business from supply chain threats of cyber attacks

Integrate with third-party supplier checks to screen suppliers and monitor adverse media for signs of hidden supplier risk such as corruption, bribery, environmental issues, modern slavery, and others

Identify and combat modern slavery risk in your supply chain and report your modern slavery statement accurately and on time

Use analytics, monitoring and notifications to achieve greater supplier visibility, allowing you to quickly identify and address supplier risk, and increase your supplier financial resilience


Data Extractor

Robobai is committed to a quick and frictionless implementation for our customers and so has released its Extractor capability - slashing the time and effort required to get up and running fast.

Spend Diagnostic Campaign

How adopting of an ethical supplier and sourcing strategy is not only a feel-good opportunity, but also protects brand image and supports business bottom line growth. 

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Your supplier view from every possible angle across risk, compliance & spend

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