Robobai is well accustomed on handling the varied spend data across all divisions of the health sector.

Procurement and supply chain has long been a complicated affair for large healthcare companies. The complexity and scale of the supply chain for your average multi-national healthcare company is astronomical and push towards data and analytical-based procurement decisions has exacerbated these challenges. It is no easy task to optimise the supply chain make strategic cost saving decisions when a company has multiple sites operating in multiple countries.

However help is on hand, Robobai provides the following key benefits for corporate medical procurement teams:

Once spend data has been classified and categorised the AI of Robobai is constantly working to increase the accuracy of the spend data. Using deep machine learning, Robobai is always working to uncover new saving opportunities as the trained AI savings insights constantly monitor and analyse the entirety of the spend data. Every month the data is refreshed, compared and analysed to find new savings opportunities for procurement teams to investigate and execute.

Robobai is changing the healthcare sector reviews and analyses their supply chain data across multiple countries and areas of operations. Our platform is proven to quickly provide actionable savings insights and provide the basis for procurement teams to actually optimise and manage their global supply chain.

Health organisations that operate globally often find it difficult to collate spend data from all sites and divisions in order to visualise the entirety of the spend. Through standard data extracts and remote SFTP upload directly into our platform, all data is consolidated into accessible through user friendly interactive dashboards.

Robobai gives procurement teams a platform where they visualise their current spend data accurately classified and categorised. Saving opportunities are displayed in a value ease index enabling actionable savings decisions to be made. 

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