Robobai is finding new opportunities throughout the supply chain reducing the overall cost of production.

The manufacturing industry is heavily reliant on effective procurement practices and supply chain stability. With the current practices of the industry moving towards new trends like globalisation and vertical integration, many old practices and methods of streamlining supply chains are becoming disrupted or even obsolete.

Manufacturers are now being forced to find new and innovative ways to review their company spending. To find ways to improve their procurement-based savings decisions in order to reduce the overall costs across their supply chain. Manufacturing as an industry has been a late adopter of spend analytics software, however now that the industry has embraced the practice, they are leapfrogging other sectors in terms of success!

Many adopters of these systems discover the true power of spend analytics by focusing on targeted business area in which they wish to make savings and improvements to produce more effective results. Product is at the heart of the manufacturing industry and most procurement experts in this field will focus on high cost goods and services that are crucial to the product.

If you’ve been neglecting indirect spending as an important factor in your supply chain, this can lead to overall profit erosion for your company. Robobai is helping to revolutionise the way that manufacturers evaluate their supply chain and make cost saving decisions through AI technology.

Robobai is a unique platform that sits on top of all of your pre-existing ERP / data systems. Through standard data extracts, our platform ingests all relevant Accounts Payable and Credit Card data (amongst others) into its AI “brain”. Robobai then quickly classifies and categorises the spend data to a very high level of accuracy - usually in 2-4 weeks. After data classification and categorisation, the AI brain will then quickly analyse the entirety of the spend and uncover saving opportunities together with recommendations on how to implement them. The platform is capable of tracking and ensuring compliance across all preferred suppliers and will automatically identify spend leakage. Robobai gives your procurement team the time to actually actioning savings, rather than spend weeks and months performing data analysis. Robobai is agnostic, it sits above your ERP, P2P and all other existing procurement systems - so there is no IT integration required.

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