Get the most from your business travel program with live insights from our partner, yuriQa.

The travel industry generates live data at a rapid rate. To effectively manage corporate Travel Programs and to unlock actionable insights and savings opportunities from this vast data pool, Procurement and Travel Managers need real-time decision support information that can drive improvements and reduce risk.

Specialised technology that transforms travel and expenses data into action and dynamic decision making is now available through Robobai’s partner, yuriQa.

Think of yuriQa as a virtual assistant for Travel Management, trawling your data 24/7/365 to generate valuable insights you need to know.

 Our cloud-based ‘virtual assistant’ formulates insights from complex live data streams in minutes. Using alerts and notifications, we then highlight opportunities, predict outcomes, and flag potential risks for:

  • Business performance improvement
  • Key metrics and new metrics improvements
  • ROI of travel management
  • Supplier contract management
  • Traveler well-being
  • Policy development and compliance management
  • Program savings

The key features include:

Data Agnostic

Real-time insights

Trigger based alerts

Automated airline and hotel contract management

Meetings and event contract management

Traveller behaviour analysis

Travel program benchmarking

Travel risk alerts

Custom Reports and Analysis

Using yuriQa and AI to surface clear insight into the continually changing opportunities and risks in the travel spend category can save organisations time and resources and significantly, can materially improve the ROI from travel program management.

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