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Spend Analysis. Reinvented

Our AI powered spend analysis platform is supporting procurement teams and transforming the way they are able to use their data. Robobai currently manages over $200 billion in spend for large ASX listed organisations and is capable of quickly uncovering savings opportunities, measuring supplier compliance and managing the life-cycle of supply contracts.

Robobai is an Australian-owned AI business providing procurement teams with the ability to visualise complex S2P data in clean, interactive dashboards.

Our team has developed an analytics platform that is purpose built to meet the requirements of the modern procurement team. The platform not only identifies saving opportunities, but also empowers procurement leaders on how to increase spend with social enterprises and is able to identify slavery risks throughout the supply chain.

We are continually working to develop our library of AI savings robots to give procurement teams the knowledge to support their procurement processes. Our AI powered spend analysis platform is currently in use across a wide range of industries such as food and beverage, energy, manufacturing, government and construction. The AI brain's deep machine learning is able to quickly learn new text patterns and key words and is able to find trends patterns across complex, unstructured data.

Robobai is a world's first in the spend analysis space, giving accurate visualisation of spend data to procurement leaders. The burden of not having an understanding of spend data at line level becomes obsolete with Robobai; and instead of tirelessly trying to understand spend, procurement teams are now spending their time assessing and implementing actionable savings opportunities.

Our portfolio of partners has strengthened Robobai's place in the market as it is the only spend analysis platform with a suite of apps capable of addressing savings, compliance, corporate social responsibility, modern slavery risk and supplier management. The benefit for an organisation to have centralised data, empowers them to make intelligent decisions and is creating greater opportunities for the procurement division, it's suppliers and its people.

Robobai - Spend Analysis Software built by procurement experts for procurement leaders

Track. Save. Report. Repeat

Meet BAIBOT, our AI classification engine
Our BAIBOT AI engine classifies all your PO, Invoice, GL and Supply Master Data consistently, quickly and accurately. Only once your data is classified and visualised, Procurement teams can start to find new insights leading to savings and benefit opportunities.

Robobai uses deep machine learning auto-classification algorithms
(not old rules-based technology)

Our AI does the hard work for you

AI that finds serious savings…
Our AI now automatically finds the savings across all of your spend, providing monthly opportunity insights for investigation. This allows the procurement function to be more efficient, focusing on outcomes rather than analytics.

…and repeats them
We train the AI to understand preferred suppliers, so we report category compliance at supplier and price level.

Easy, cost effective data extraction
We make data extraction easy and cost effective for procurement professionals who just don’t need another IT or ERP headache.

Over $200 billion worth of powerful AI classification
Our savings insights AI algorithms have been trained across multiple industry sectors, continually tuning to be specific with your data patterns. Our spend analysis software is currently doing this with over $200 billion of managed spend. There’s no more manual intervention, making this cost effective and repeatable.

Connected analytics
Using our data lake sourced from credible global third parties, our Anti-Slavery dashboards provide a transparent view through the entire supply chain, identifying modern slavery risk by category and supplier.

Indigenous & Social Enterprise
Developed alongside Social Traders, our Impact Spend application identifies where spend can be redirected to Indigenous and Social enterprise,We know you are what you spend and so our platform helps procurement spend better.

With the anticipation of the recently passed Modern Slavery Act, we developed the Anti-Slavery application alongside our partner FRDM (formerly Made in the Free World). Our Anti-Slavery application identifies modern slavery risk within your supply chain, allowing category managers and procurement leaders can mitigate risk across all product categories.

All modules are visualised in easy-to-use dashboards,
across all your devices

Where does the AI fit?

Don’t worry, there’s no need to replace expensive IT/ERP investments, just use standard extract tools and we'll classify the data from Purchase Orders and Invoices

We will work with your existing systems to find savings insights.