Proactively manage supply chain diversity, sustainability and risk

Liberate spend data to proactively meet regulation, reduce risk and manage strategic sourcing.​

Data is the DNA that impacts your ability to monitor and adapt to market change

RobobAI's Sustainability & Risk product suite give you

Visibility over spend data to regularly monitor potential risk and brand exposure.

Agility to act upon supply chain disruptions or impacts.

Innovative technology led insights and tools to centrally build beneficial supplier relationships.

View your spend data centrally via a powerful lens of rich 3rd party data

The volume, frequency and breadth of risk is growing. In response the focus on your supply chain needs to sharpen.

Modern Slavery
View modern slavery risk across your supply chain by country, category and supplier.


Stay informed of sanctions developments surrounding your vendors via the Dow Jones sanctions compliance filter.

AI enabled, Realtime monitoring of adverse media risk from 17k licensed global news sources managed by Dow Jones Media, filtered against your supplier network.

Cyber Security
Security monitoring tools to help manage and defend against fraud.

Financial Resilience

Build the ability to adapt quickly to market disruptions with a combination of innovative technology tools and strategic analysis of the know and unknowns of your current supply chain.

Carbon Emissions
Monitor, collect and report on carbon emissions insights across your supply chain to meet legislative requirements and ultimately improve your environmental impact.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Promote, engage, manage and assess diversity and inclusion initiatives across your supply chain.

Indigenous Suppliers
 Identify indigenous supplier risk, support ethical procurement and meet reporting requirements.

Competitive advantage will be the reward for  agility in response to the growing complexity of risk.

Learn how RobobAI gives instant visibility of multiple risk lenses over consolidated, categorized supply chain data.

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