• November 3, 2020
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Australian Financial Review Article: AI Start-up Robobai raises $5M to rid supply chains of waste and woe

Start-up raises $5m to rid supply chains of waste and woe
While there are other AI-driven procurement platforms claiming to save enterprises money, Mr Harris said Robobai was different because it added the ability to check for diversity and ethics in supply chains.
By pulling in third party databases to its “data lake”, Robobai could for instance suggest suppliers to accord with a corporate’s wish to spend more on female-owned or Indigenous-owned suppliers.
Robobai also claims to help businesses avoid the ignominy of having slavery embedded in their supply chains. “For instance if your business is buying batteries, they’re likely to have cobalt in them, and 60 per cent of the world’s cobalt comes from mines using child labour in the Congo,” Mr Harris said.

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