Activate Treasury Intelligence 

Innovative AI-powered payments analytics with enriched with third party data provides the agility and intelligence needed to unlock trapped liquidity, optimise treasury operations, manage growing risk and drive growth.

Identify gaps in your visibility and gain a better understanding of how you're spending your money.

Optimize Spend

Fast, easy spend data unification and classification to build resilience by better managing costs, cashflow and supply chain risk.

Empower Procurement Teams

Elevate the value of your supply chain through transparent, central management of multiple procurement functions.​

Take Control Amidst Inflation

Control working capital and respectful supplier relationships to drive financial resilience.​ Optimize your liquidity management.

Protect Your Brand

Identify ethical and legal implications and guard against reputational damage with greater supplier visibility and transparency.

Power up your treasury and procurement teams with on-demand Managed Services

Gain flexibility to change direction quickly. Fill skills gaps in your team and increase capability.

Robobai Managed Services gives you access to a global procurement knowledge base, diverse across industry sectors. It will empower you to deliver procurement results with confidence across projects of all sizes and complexity.

The insights you need to simplify data, making it easier to visualize spend, understand risk and move things forward.

Customized the way you want in just a few clicks.

Activate financial levers, quickly and easily. 
360 degree spend visibility empowers you to respond to market volatility.

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