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Mitigating Risk in unprecedented times

Mitigating Risk in unprecedented times We are constantly bombarded with messages about how important taking risks is in life and in business –…
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How to win in Procurement

Organizations can spend more than two thirds of revenue on procurement, so even small cost reductions can have a big impact. However, one…
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Spend Analysis

What is Spend Analysis in a Procurement Organization?

Quite simply, spend analysis is the name given to the process of identifying, gathering, grouping, categorizing and analyzing corporate spend data with the…
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Procurement Solutions to Leverage IOT & Industry 4.0

Simply everyone today is talking about IOT, Industry 4.0 and what this branch of technology will mean for businesses; of tomorrow, or even…
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Modern Day Slavery – Changes in the Procurement Industry

A chance for CPO’s to stand up and be counted   Procurement reporting processes play a vital role in the fight against modern…
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AI in Procurement – More Than Just Classified Data

With the adaption of AI in procurement analytics platforms, the question still remains surrounding “what the actual benefits are”. The challenges of achieving…
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Navigating Tariff’s and Trade Wars | CPO’s on the Frontline

Following all the recent headlines regarding tariff’s and trade talks between the US and China I figured that the topic deserved some air…
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Managing Baseline Operations in the Face of an Economic Slowdown

In the final quarter of Y2018 we witnessed a dramatic decline in global stock market prices for the first time since the crash…
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Procurement Meets Digital Transformation

Procurement as a function is changing. Traditionally viewed as a department, relying on moderate tech overheads and manual operations the procurement department of…
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Procurement System for Spend Optimisation | Digital Procurement

Procurement System for Spend Optimisation Understanding spend data - is it really important? For procurement teams to make good strategic decisions and to…
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