AI Powered

Accelerate value from your
data with AI


Actionable tactical insights and valuable strategic directions all lay dormant in your data. To unlock these, financial leaders need to invest in digitization, standardization and automation.

To build future business value,
NOW is the time to invest in

Robust forecasting and payments analytics to improve operations and increase revenue while minimizing risk

Artificial Intelligence (AI) to significantly reduce data processes efforts while increasing accuracy and building business intelligence

Data consolidation and classification to provide full visibility both at a high level and deep granularity across multiple regions or global operations

Rigorous data quality processes to improve to drive quality decision driving insights. Continuous data improvement increases the value of insights over time

Data and AI have an iterative relationship


Data is critical to controlling liquidity, driving efficiencies, improving supply chain visibility, and mitigating disruptions.

RobobAI offers fast, easy financial data unification and classification to quickly and simply improve accuracy and speed of financial forecasting in a rapidly changing market.

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