Release Liquidity to
Maximize Growth

Key goals in a high inflation market are to maximize liquidity, demonstrate overall value to shareholders and foster growth.

Optimizing cash flow is challenging when margins are low. It starts with increasing transparency over financial payments to identify patterns and find areas of trapped liquidity. Following that, CFOs and FPA teams need access to a range of financial instruments to orchestrate optimal scenarios across their supply base.

Realtime intuitive dashboards have multiple lens to quickly illustrate payment opportunities and risks.

Rich data visualization shows

Segmentation of suppliers based on size and the collective value that each represent

Payment time behaviour to assess the risk of late payment to small business

Suppliers paid early, which provides an opportunity to negotiate early payment discounts

Suppliers that accept card, which provides the opportunity to transfer payments to card. This can improve payment terms for small businesses, provide discount negotiation opportunities and improve liquidity

Net DPO impact against sliding %WAAC
Filters enable the ability to focus on specific payment terms (in days) to establish tangible ROI and potential savings

Opportunities to lower operational costs by rationalising payment terms and create employee uplift by streamlining the payment process.


Drive future growth with financial strategies that evaluate data from all areas of your business. RobobAI's easy data transfer process encourages collaboration and consolidation across all areas of your business which results in increased visibility and the ability to make data-driven decisions quickly.

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