The benefits of Robobai

Learn how Robobai will change your world


Is your procurement team spending countless hours going over spend data trying to understand where savings can be made? Are they stuck because the data just isn't accurate?

Companies often find that the decisions being made on spend often relies on inaccurate or old information which leads to doubt surrounding the impact of implementing a cost saving decision.

Robobai, using the recent advances in AI and Deep Learning technology, allows procurement teams to visualise the entirety of their company's spend data and gain insights into actionable savings opportunities throughout the supply chain.

Robobai’s cutting edge ability to quickly and accurately classify, identify, track and measure savings opportunities is the next level solution.


Actionable Spend Advice

Robobai’s AI allows it to analyse all incoming spend data on a granular level and can quickly detect trends and patterns within the data. The data is displayed in user-friendly, interactive dashboards providing procurement teams visualisation across the entirety of their spend first time. Robobai shows insights into advanced procurement procedures within your company and assists to aggregate your existing demand down to a few suppliers, efficiently identifying your work capital benefits. It can even help your company determine its level of compliance with any preferential supplier contracts and can help your team keep an accurate benchmark of prices to assist with your financial or stockholder reporting.

Data Accuracy

Robobai’s AI offers unparalleled levels of data accuracy in comparison to our competitors. Our AI is over 90% accurate on average and thanks to Deep Learning technology, it actually gets “smarter” the longer it is exposed to your company’s procurement data. Giving you peace of mind knowing that your team has the best available data to base their decisions on.

Saving Time

In today’s procurement world, emphasis is becoming more and more focused on data analysis and categorisation. Unlike before, procurement is not as simple as just negotiating with your tier one suppliers. Data analysis and data classification are both essential when striving to make the best possible decisions based on real world data. Unfortunately, achieving accurate classification of spend data is a time consuming, costly, disruptive and prone to human error.

Robobai works alongside your key procurement decision makers giving them the power to make the right decisions. Continually providing data - analysed and categorised to above 90% - your team now has more time to make better decisions, rather than being bogged down with data processing. Companies that have implemented Robobai are benefiting from a minimum saving of 2%-5% across their addressable spend - and boasting much happier, more productive procurement divisions.