Hassle free connection with your current ERP. No IT investment required

Integrating multiple ERP systems to provide a single view of the entire spend data is often difficult and costly. In most cases, companies cannot pull this off correctly - resulting in procurement functions leaving money on the table as they are simply blind to where, what and with whom the money is spent.

Robobai eliminates the need for such integration as our platform sits above existing systems. Our platform visualises the spend data through frequent data extractions from your current ERP, P2P, AP systems and then displayed on user-friendly, interactive dashboards.  Robobai auto-classifies and categorises spend data at a product granular level - providing a highly accurate top-down understanding across the entirety of a company's spend data.

Robobai’s intuitive and easy to use platform makes reviewing this consolidated data an easy task for purchasing managers, category managers and CPOs. For the first time, they can leverage new visible spend to its fullest potential in their day to day work.

Robobai makes this entire process customer-friendly, easy and straightforward to set up. Typically, procurement functions can run the standard system extracts (typically PO, AP, Supply Master, GL) without the need to re-format their data. There are no costly IT consulting fees or expensive system upgrades.

The Robobai platform is the most cost-effective solution available on the market. All of our clients are saving have a minimum of 2-5% across their addressable spend since they started using the platform and have built saving pipelines through the support of Robobai's AI intuition.
Entrust the data complexity to us and let your team focus on delivering financial benefit to your company’s bottom line.