Analyst as a Service

We understand your data.

On-Demand Analyst as a Service

Robobai offers what we call a Triple 'A' on-demand procurement analyst service to our customers. We understand procurement data and we understand our customers' data that we use and classify. Whilst this is not part of our core product, our value adds services help you get expert analytical support services.

What we do

  1. Master data management
  2. HS .xls spreadhseet anaylsis
  3. Pre tender analysis and preparation
  4. Post tender analysis and evaluation

Why we do it

  • Technical support for procurement category managers
  • Savings through increased tender and supplier engagements
  • Focus time on commercials not analytics

How we do it

  • On-demand service when required
  • Minimum one day service
  • On-site or Off-site services