Over 45 million people are reported to be in slavery throughout the world. The UK introduced an anti-slavery legislation in 2015. In Australia, NSW passed legislation in May 2018, and Federal legislation are due will follow by the end of 2018.

What is being done to stop slavery

There is a growing global legislative requirement to ensure that larger organisations have an anti-slavery policy -- to identify, action, and report slavery in forms of human trafficking, child labor and other inhumane work environments throughout corporate and government supply chains. There are organisations that are involved in such deplorable practices, so evidence of a company's anti-slavery policy will need to appear across major communication channels including company websites, annual reports and social media.







Who is affected by this Bill

  • Companies that have $100 million revenue or more, including any company that operates and has employees in NSW with an annual turnover of above $50 million.
  • Australian entities that have consolidated revenue of at least $100 million for the reporting period.
  • Australian entities, and entities carrying on business in Australia, that have volunteered to comply with the Act for the reporting period.
  • Estimated that 3,000 entities based or operating in Australia will be required to prepare annual statements on potential modern slavery risks.

How you can contribute to the anti-slavery effort

Through supply chain mapping and connecting customer data with credible global third party source data,  we are now able to visualise risks by category, supplier and country.  

This insightful perspective provides easy-to-use dashboards, showing slavery risk throughout the entire supply chain. Using smart AI powered classification and connected procurement analytics, our Robobai Anti Slavery module can identify key areas of risk by suppliers and make sense of inconsistent and fragmented information.

Without good spend classification, supply chain slavery data is like finding needles in haystacks for large organisations. Modern slavery has been unpunished, buried and out-of-sight. Now, flying under the radar is not an option. Consumers care about the products they buy, and the story behind those products. In a recent UK brand reputation study, 1 in 3 companies reported that negative social media content had damaged their business.

Robobai helps you build a better risk profile of your supply chain that can help you avoid association with unethical practices and more importantly help save lives from modern slavery. 

Find out more on what your anti-slavery obligations are here