Risks come from different points in the supply chain, and one of the biggest is modern slavery. ​

By 2020, the Australian Federal Government will require companies* to disclose their Modern Slavery Reports; the first requirement is to identify slavery risks. The challenge here is that usual data sources only view risks through a limited lens making credibility a concern. But with Robobai’s out of the box Modern Slavery Module, this is not a problem. 

Using 3 Key Risk Lenses that sifts through:

  • supplier company profiles
  • country of origin
  • product category

You will have a credible data set presented in an intuitive dashboard that provides High, Medium and Low risk profile identification across spend base. ​

​With comprehensible supply chain risk data, you will not only accomplish the first step required by law, but more importantly secure your company from the damaging risks of modern slavery. ​

*companies with over $100M revenue; over $50M revenue for NSW 



Based on Global Slavery Index 2018 Findings


Compliance Checklist


Modern Slavery Article

What is being done to stop slavery







Through supply chain mapping and connecting customer data with credible global third party source data,  we are now able to visualise risks by category, supplier and country.  

This insightful perspective provides easy-to-use dashboards, showing slavery risk throughout the entire supply chain. Using smart AI powered classification and connected procurement analytics, our Robobai Anti Slavery module can identify key areas of risk by suppliers and make sense of inconsistent and fragmented information.

Without good spend classification, supply chain slavery data is like finding needles in haystacks for large organisations. Modern slavery has been unpunished, buried and out-of-sight. Now, flying under the radar is not an option. Consumers care about the products they buy, and the story behind those products. In a recent UK brand reputation study, 1 in 3 companies reported that negative social media content had damaged their business.

Robobai helps you build a better risk profile of your supply chain that can help you avoid association with unethical practices and more importantly help save lives from modern slavery. 

Find out more on what your anti-slavery obligations are here