Robobai in your industry

Our AI platform has learned how to handle data for all industry sectors delivering environment-based results.

In today’s fast paced business environment, the way that an industry operates and provides their goods and services can change rapidly. And while your business must not only adapt to accommodate these industry specific changes, the process to provide a company with the day to day tools, materials, equipment and services to fulfil its goals will also inevitably change.

These days the challenges facing a corporations procurement team no longer fall solely on engagement with their tier one suppliers. The process has become more focused on potential risk which is determined through analysing data sourced from a company's ERP (often multiple), AP, PO and Credit Card data - as such it is now a far more labour intensive data analytical driven role.

This is where Robobai’s innovative, AI driven Procurement platform can help your procurement teams to clear the fog and focus on outcomes rather data analytics. Robobai integrates with your pre-existing ERP, AP, P2P, Credit Card and other data sources that accurately classifies, categorises and displays your data in easy to understand format, as well as finding AI Saving opportunities for your procurement teams to investigate and action, delivering more savings for your business. 

Find out how Robobai is saving millions in your industry.