Transparency across all procurement activities and purchases.

Anyone working in Procurement today will tell you just how complex, confusing and critically important contract compliance is to both supplier and buyer. Your procurement team has negotiated and implemented a contract with a preferred supplier, part of the process is ensuring that the buyer/s place purchase orders with the preferred and now contracted supplier. Businesses are increasing in complexity - many global in nature - so with many supplier contracts to handle and multiple buyers placing a high volume of purchase orders, the task is almost impossible if not supported by process and systems.

However, this is where Robobai’s innovative AI powered platform comes in, linking contract data with AP/PO/GL etc spend data. Robobai’s AI is able to process huge amounts of line level data, often millions of lines with a 90% plus level of accuracy. Taking standard monthly data extracts from your ERP systems, Robobai classifies and categorizes your spend and then analyses against preferred contracted suppliers within category and effectively identifies compliance and valuable insights that your procurement teams can reliably act on.

This allows your procurement team to spend less time crunching data and sifting through spreadsheets and more time ensuring you keep the savings that have already been claimed, providing procurement with credible, reliable and accurate saving numbers.

Ultimately, ensuring contract compliance is a must do for procurement, because if the business is not buying from preferred suppliers, what’s the point!