Contract Life Cycle Management

Manage with ease, stay on top of your supplier contracts

Many businesses do not have a centralised location to record, store and manage their supplier contracts during their lifetime.  The best-case scenario is using an unstructured repository as a dumping ground for contracts. More often than not, supplier contracts are scattered across the business with little visibility around management or commitment. 

So how do procurement teams effectively and efficiently manage the basics such as expiring contracts, let alone manage the agreements during the life of the contract, and how can procurement gain valuable insights and unlock value from these contracts without the visibility?

Robobai's contract lifecycle management platform provides a centralised and accessible hub for all supplier contracts along with the management of those contracts during the life of the contract. 

With the Robobai platform, it connects the essential and critical contract information with the spend analytics within the platform. It then provides AI insights for the procurement teams to act upon, so expiry, rise & fall mechanisms, price reviews, KPI's etc are all managed efficiently and effectively, handing the power back to your procurement teams.

All of this leads your procurement, finance and operation teams to make informed decisions and find areas within your supply chain where spending could be reduced and better managed. Robobai can enhance your companies Contract Management systems in the following ways:

Ensure spend is placed with the right suppliers at the right price

Reduce spend leakage with non-contracted, non-preferred suppliers - don’t leave money on the table

Reduce risk, ensure suppliers are contracted on the right terms

Leverage and aggregate your negotiating position with previously overlooked information

Unlock value during the life of the contract

Make Better Business Decisions

> Get easy global access to your supplier contracts
> Enhance your data’s integrity and governance

> Allow procurement to interact more efficiently with other parts of the business
> Improve procurement efficiency, save time and money