Know Your Supplier

Know Your Third-Party Vendors and Risk Profile 

How well do you know your suppliers? Ensuring the suppliers within your supply chain meet the compliance & risk criteria set by your business along with meeting legal and legislative requirements are critical to your brand, your investors, and your employees.  Robobai’s Know Your Supplier (KYS) platform is fully automated using AI, and covers the entire process of on-boarding, supplier pre-qualification, approval and daily risk monitoring. 


How does Robobai’s KYS help you?

Fully configurable cloud platform for supplier self-serve onboarding

Access for procurement, finance + broader workforce to access supplier information

Interactive dashboard reporting for analysis with pinpoint accuracy

Integrate with GRC and ERP systems


How do we do it?

Step 1: Fully configurable onboarding to customer requirements 

Step 2: Onboard and support supplier onboarding process

Step 3: Track, measure, report supplier approvals and risks

Step 4: Run daily risk monitoring and alerts