Supply Chain Savings Opportunities

Develop an pipeline of actionable supply chain savings with our AI powered saving insights

Supply Chain Savings Uncovered by AI

The visualisation of spend is the first step in the identification of savings opportunities within the supply chain. The ground-breaking AI within the Robobai Platform is trained to read and auto-classify spend from any ERP system. Robobai's interactive dashboards accurately display classified spend data, at line level detail, without the need for any manual manipulation.

Our deep machine learning, auto-classification algorithms are able to read all data from all sources without any manual manipulation. Taking data feeds from all standard sources including; PO, GL, Invoice, Supply Master Credit Card etc. the platform enables our clients to accurately visualise and understand their spend data within 2-4 weeks. A world's first in the spend analytics domain!

Robobai is uniquely able to classify the data of an enterprise business to an accuracy level of over 90% and all at a product category level of granularityOur spend analysis platform is leading the market with its AI engine and its ability to classify millions of lines of complex purchasing data quickly and accurately.

Our AI Savings module provides clean dashboards of accurately classified spend data to all decision makers within the procurement team, from CPO to Category Manager. The ever evolving library of AI Savings Robots within the Robobai AI savings module, quickly process classified historical spend data to uncover supply chain savings opportunities across the addressable spend. Robobai focuses on: cash, category competitiveness, price variance, supplier reduction, contract compliance, contract life-cycle management, tail spend, direct negotiation, international sourcing, freight, non-contract spend, spend leakage and SRM opportunities.

Robobai currently manages $64bn dollars of corporate spend data, and as it hasn't been built on old rules-based technology, the AI has learned how to quickly adapt to new procurement environments to discover opportunities and trends. Customers of Robobai are now able to utilise their time considering supply chain savings opportunities and form an actionable implementation plan and pipeline - whereas before they were swamped with procurement data but starved of information. They now find that they can present

actionable savings opportunities to stakeholders while building the credibility of Procurement .

The library of AI insights within Robobai are enablers for key procurement staff to make supply chain cost saving decisions. Time that was once spent trying to get a handle on spend data is now being used to make structured decisions to streamline and optimise procurement processes.

Our AI savings insights bots are fast, accurate and cost effective. Within weeks you will have a savings pipeline of initiatives to work through, spending time on outcomes rather than analytics.

Let us do your analytics and show you the power of our trained AI.

Robobai - only platform that is proven to be capable of accurately classifying spend data to above 90% within just a few weeks..



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