Command fiscal control amidst volatility

Control working capital and build respectful supplier relationships to drive financial resilience.​

Payment Analytics empowers you to

Improve working capital performance across treasury categories from a central platform.

Optimize treasury payment strategies across all suppliers.

Create intuitive, dynamic reports across different teams, different criteria at different times.

Support decentralized and remote teams with a 360 view, single source of truth of spend data.

Build resilience in unpredictable times

Flexibility and knowledge will best position you to manage change. Control your future direction with comprehensive supply chain visibility and powerful technology to enact change quickly.

Payment Rationalization

Identify cost saving efficiencies by refining payment processes and consolidating payment options.

Foreign Exchange

Gain visibility of supplier spend by currency, and understand implications of forex to native currency.

Trade Finance

Optimize cash flow management by quantification the opportunity implement reverse factoring payment options.

Drive savings amidst high inflation with supply chain visibility

Release liquidity to maximise growth.

Learn how Robobai's realtime intuitive dashboards have multiple lens to quickly illustrate payment opportunities and risks.

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