Find millions in cost savings, fast.

Robobai's Spend Diagnostic can help you quickly and accurately analyze your supplier spend, identify cost saving opportunities and optimize your organization's buying power - saving you anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars per year.

On-demand, accurate spend data is now non-negotiable.

Flying blind? Understanding your spend analysis is vital for making strong, strategic buying decisions in an ever-competitive marketplace. But the size and complexity of data sets, often siloed in separate systems, can make spend analysis too complex and time-consuming - leaving businesses in the dark on how to reduce costs, track savings or increase spend ROI.

Simplify your spend analysis and start saving in just days.

Robobai's low cost Spend Diagnostic will clean and classify your 'dirty' data and extract the information you need to fine-tune (or completely overhaul) your 2021 financials. Turn endless data into targeted saving insights.

For a one-off cost of $19,750, you'll receive access to dynamic dashboards and detailed reports that enable you to:

  • Achieve UNSPSC-standard classification
  • Identify category savings opportunities
  • Optimize your payment terms
  • Increase working capital
  • Identify tail spend and buying channels
  • Supply base reduction (SBR)
  • Identify 'maverick' spend
  • Export data into Excel to support go-to-market (GTM) strategy

Join hundreds of companies benefiting from Robobai's Spend Diagnostic.


in cost opportunity identified
for a major FMCG company


tail spend identified for a
major FMCG manufacturer


saved through supplier
consolidation for an ASX infrastructure business


saved through supplier rationalisation and payment optimization for an oil and gas company

30 + DAY

improvement on DPO for a
major food manufacturer

8% ROI

increase for a major global
beverage company

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Terms & Conditions

  • Data must be supplied in Robobai data format and this $19,750 AUD offer is limited to single currency, English language, and a 12-month period
  • Data will be classified using UNSPSC classification
  • Payment must be made in advance of data classification work commencing
  • No more than 250k transaction lines. Additional transaction lines may be added and may be subject to additional fees