Activate Spend Visibility quickly and easily

Fast, easy spend data unification and classification to quickly and simply find untapped supplier opportunities, analyze trends, and generate cost savings.

Spend Visibility gives you

An easy process to unify disparate data from multiple sources within days.

Spend analysis driven by fast, powerful AI driven classification of spend data.

Intuitive, dynamic reporting to support multiple teams delivering different reports at any time.

A 360 view, single source of truth for supply chain visibility to drive efficiencies and savings.

Take control of your spend analysis

Spend Visibility combines the essential features and insights across the RobobAI product suite to give you a low cost, fast start to supply chain analytics that will empower you to continually gain value across your supply chain.

Gain comprehensive spend visibility over suppliers and categories.

Easily search and interrogate detailed supplier level spend data.

Empower decision making by monitoring trends and performance across specific categories.

Quickly see, search and analyze supplier spend by region and country.

Optimize working capital by understanding how and when you pay your suppliers.

Customize classification naming and see the effect of the change immediately with Classification on the Fly (COTF).

Business Intelligence Insights

Leverage AI to accelerate time to value from your spend data.

Learn how RobobAI's fast, easy financial data unification and classification to quickly and simply improve accuracy and speed of financial forecasting in a rapidly changing market.

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