High Yield Opportunities. RobobAI is delivering a pipeline of savings opportunities to companies in the Construction industry.

The construction industry is project-heavy, fragmented and siloed by nature. Being managed on a project-by-project basis means spend is often disjointed and convoluted, making spend analysis difficult. What's more, when it comes to the costs of individual projects, most project managers don't factor in indirect expenses (eg: IT and Travel categories), but these costs are critical to track for any project-based business.

Often, project managers are focused on the direct visible costs such as material spend and labour, but not on indirect categories such as equipment hire and protective clothing. Indirect spend can be significant across the business and often aggregate to one or two, or even a panel of national preferred suppliers to obtain competitive pricing and terms. Projects will always use their preferred suppliers and not leverage the national company buying power.


RobobAI collates all of the spend analytics across your supply chain. It tracks and accurately reports on both direct and indirect expenses across the business (or at the project level). Our platform provides savings insights and suggestions on how to implement them - helping you reduce costs and ensure procurement compliance across your company.

RobobAI accurately collates all of your ERP, P2P, Buying, AP (including Credit Card expenses) and other procurement data source systems into a single user-friendly platform accessible by all of your procurement teams across the business and at a project level. You are allowing both bid teams and project managers to spend more time on winning and delivering projects than data analytics and negotiating at bid and project levels.

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