Food and Beverage

From platter to plate, RobobAI has been trained to deliver insights across the F&B supply chain.

Food and beverage procurement has long been an area of great difficulty to manage directly. The problems and challenges faced in this area are some of the most diverse around. For most companies, this is an area that can provide wealth in savings or by contrast, be one of the areas in which your company wastes money.

One of the most pressing challenges for food and beverage procurement teams is the focus on direct spend rather than high-value indirect categories. Indirect spend value is usually high, as too is the number of suppliers that provide the raw materials and services that are needed to make and support their products. It is imperative that a company continually analyses the spend difference of a commodity or category to ensure they are always buying at the best market rates. Companies are all too often complacent due to the sake of ease of purchase and supply - when better priced goods or services are available elsewhere through better leveraging spend.


Another major issue for procurement teams in this industry is ensuring the business is utilising the preferred and selected suppliers. Providing the right suppliers are used for the right job, at the right price under the agreed terms and conditions. Often procurement teams are blind to the supplier leakage that occurs due to poor data analysis. Operational buying teams mainly due to inefficient P2P systems usually buy from the wrong suppliers unknowingly, and procurement lacks the visibility to inform and change buying decisions.

RobobAI's platform sits on top of a company's ERP and data systems. It takes data extracts of the spend data (PO, AP, Credit Card, etc.) then quickly auto-classifies and categorises it. Our platform accurately classifies the entirety of a company's spend data to above 90% within just a few months. Once the data is correctly classified, the trained AI algorithms quickly identify actionable saving opportunities and provide suggestions on how to implement them. The platform continually tracks savings and ensure compliance across all preferred suppliers month on month through frequent data refreshes from all sources. Procurement teams using RobobAI quickly realise that they can spend their time actioning savings rather than wasting it trying to find them.

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