Retail and E-Commerce

Reduce unnecessary spend and leverage saving opportunities with RobobAI

The Retail and E-Commerce industry's bloodline relies on the management of supply chain systems and data analytics. Information and data must be analysed quickly and accurately so the procurement and purchasing teams make effective, profitable and timely decisions.

This is why the retail sector is one of the top implementers of spend analytics. These tools and platforms help procurement and buying teams to quickly and easily identify potential challenges within their supply chain. The profit margins that retail-based companies work with are usually thin, so it's essential that they reduce - if not eliminate - excess and unnecessary spend.

The most crucial part in making the right spending decisions is to ensure spend data is accurately classified and up to date from all data sources, such as ERP, AP, PO, P2P, CR Card. With this analysed and visualised data, procurement teams can make well informed and repeatable cost-saving decisions.

RobobAI's ability to produce a visualisation of a company's spend within weeks is enabling procurement teams in the retail sector to make spend decisions at the right time within such a fast-paced environment. Our platform uncovers opportunities fast, giving category managers and procurement heads the ability to action savings opportunities that would have otherwise been unknown.

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